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  1. Chiplover2
    Created by Chiplover2
    Dec 4, 2016 at 2:08 PM
    CraftBlock Weekly
    ISSUE #38

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the crispy return of the CraftBlock Weekly! As underhandedly mentioned by @misskoa in this post, the Weekly will be continued by yours truly. ;) This one will be a little shorter than my previous grandiose attempts at making something too big for everyone to read, which will hopefully benefit both parties involved.

    Without further adieu, I present to you the CraftBlock Weekly (again)! I hope you enjoy! :chip

    Let’s kick off the Weekly with something new! The Weekly Digest will be an insert in the Weekly by the Admin team. It’ll include a short-and-sweet changelog that’ll keep you updated on what’s going on behind the scenes.

    They may not be large changes all the time, but our Admin team knows better than anyone that it’s the little details that count! Be a vigilant member of our community and keep your eyes out for these changes.

    Here’s this week’s updates, provided by @GhostofHerobrine (and lovingly paraphrased by yours truly):
    • Duels have been successfully installed! I personally don't know much about the plugin myself, but after looking at its...
  2. misskoa
    Created by misskoa
    Nov 29, 2016 at 9:49 AM

    Hello Crafters!

    Here's some changes that has been happening the past week or so. The weekly digest is a admin written changelog, keeping it short and simple.

    Updated to 1.11

    • We've finally updated to 1.11!
    • The best way to enjoy the new 1.11 features is by expanding the default map. We'll set some warp points to help discover some of the new features.
    • View the new 1.11 features here.
    • Along with the update, we've updated most of our plugins! This could be good, or bad. Let us know here if there's some strange things happening on the server!
    • I've also made sure you can /lock Shulker boxes. Enjoy!

    Removed Plugins

    • Here's a list below of plugins we've removed, where we didn't see much use in. These plugins are to be discussed later on if we should add them back or not.
    • Troll (Admin), Lottery, Remove Messages (Admin), Slot Machines, UltraCosmetics (Needs Update)
    • I was going to remove my plugin CraftNotes but it seems like quite a few players do find it handy, a few use it for coords, or notes that help them build. I'll keep it and re-consider how we can get more players to use this.
    • We're not removing Towny. (Sorry Asa)

    • Fixed Spawn (?) - We're not sure what happened here, but we think...
  3. NintendoFrosty
    Created by NintendoFrosty
    Nov 27, 2016

    Build Competition #3: Thanksgiving Submissions!​

    Tpunko's Fall Cabin!


    Submission: This weeks theme was Thanksgiving. Its a little different in Canada but not by much. Thanksgiving is in the fall and all the tree and red, yellow, and Orange. My main focus was the house in the back and took must of my time to build. Its the first big scale house and I think it turned out pretty good. Also I used the PureBDcraft 128x and PureBDcraft 3D Resource Packs. Check out his post here for more!

    Blue_Explorer's Outdoor Thanksgiving Area!


    Submission: Eating festivities everywhere, with tents ready to celebrate on Thanksgiving day.
    Check out his post here for more!

  4. GhostofHerobrine
    Created by GhostofHerobrine
    Nov 8, 2016

    Hello, Nanoblock has been getting quite a lot of players since we announced open beta and I'd like to mention a few things I'd like the community to say something about.
    1. Anything special plugin wise you'd like to see. Maybe a special vote system? Maybe a special kind of weekly present something that gives Nanoblock just all the more variety!
    2. Are you interested in becoming a part of Nanoblocks staff team? Well if you would hit me up with a message and I'll send you a curated application designed for Nanoblock (this won't apply once I learn the forms e w e;; )
    And now for some announcements!

    Thank you to @Chiplover2 and @Bloebls for helping me learn Google Docs!
    Now that I have this useful knowledge! I'm specially curating a guide for Nanoblock called "Nanoblock Ultimate Guide Book"

    Thank you @Xomee and @asacavanagh for helping my early struggles with the plugins. (I'd still be lost if it wasn't for help from you guys)

    Thank you to @NintendoFrosty in advance! He will be helping me get our forums set up!

    Now stay tuned! Something special will be arriving to nanoblock very very soon!

    See you on the server!
  5. NintendoFrosty
    Created by NintendoFrosty
    Nov 6, 2016
    Bi-Weekly Theme #3: "Thanksgiving"

    Competition extended until November 26th!

    This weeks theme, we're going to celebrate everyones favorite holiday, the day where we get fat, eat as much as we can, and to celebrate family and tradition, but... to mostly eat turkey.

    The theme "Thanksgiving" is a generalized term, it can mean anything, from the season of fall, to turkeys, pilgrims feast, or even indians.

    Ideas & Inspiration.

    Get Started

    • Get Started: Start by logging into CraftBlock and doing /wbc in chat.You'll be transferred to the Build Competition server. Afterwards, enter /spawn.
    • Find a plot you can build on.
    • We don't protect our plots to make...